TheSkyX Pro X2 Filter Wheel Plugins

These plugins are multi platform : OSX (macOS), Windows, Linux (Ubuntu) and Raspberry PI.

As it's hard to get access to the real hardware, I'll give priority to whichever vendor is willing to help. If you own a filter wheel and want OS X or Linux support for TheSkyX Pro, let me know which one. If I can get the protocol documentation, I will try to write a X2 Plugin for it.

Current plugins :

If you want to support the development, you can donate or lend hardware, or donate via PayPal so that I can acquire the hardware myself:

Contact info :

How to access the settings dialog in TheSkyX :

This applies to all my plugins

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XAGYL X2 Filter Wheels plugin :

The XAGYL filter wheels can be found on their online shop.

You need to install the latest FTDI drivers for your OS : http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm.

Usage :

In the settings dialog box, when you chose a slot to set the position offset, the wheel will move to the selected filter slot. The filter position that was previously selected in TheSkyX Pro will be restored when you exit the setings dialog.

When calibrating, all controls are disabled. After calibration, the wheel is set to slot 1.

Downloads :

Both the plugin and the sources are available bellow. For the OS X package, remember to set your "Allow apps downloaded from:" settings in the "Security & Privacy" system preferences to "Mac App Store and identified developers".

The OS X zip file contains the installable pkg : XAGYL Filter Wheel X2 OS X Plugin version 1.0

The Windows installer file : XAGYL Filter Wheel X2 Windows Plugin version 1.0.

The RPI-3 tgz file contains the needed files and an INSTALL.TXT with the explanation on how to install it : XAGYL Filter Wheel X2 RPI-3 Plugin version 1.0.

The Linux Ubuntu tgz file contains the needed files and an INSTALL.TXT with the explanation on how to install it : XAGYL Filter Wheel X2 Linux Ubuntu Plugin version 1.0.

The plugin source code is available on GitHub : XAGYL Filter Wheel X2 Plugin sources. To compile the plugin yourself, you'll need the X2 Example code from Software Bisque. This is not required if you only want to install the plugin.

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