AutoStar X

I no longer own a Meade mount (I sold my LXD-55), so maintaining this software is becoming harder and harder for me. If someone is interested in my sources and want to take over the project, please contact me by email.

Meade has recently started shipping a new version of the "497" Autostar. It appears that these are totally different from the 'old' ones and AutostarX won't work with these. I haven't been able to experiment with one of these new 497 and don't know yet the extend of the changes. I'll post an update as soon as I know more about this.

Version 1.4.2 an up have some extra test in it to prevent you from flashing an autostar with the wrong ROM file.

AutoStarX allows you to upgrade the flashrom of your Autostar on macOS (495 and 497 only for now).

You need a USB to serial adapter (keyspan, ftdi,...) and of course a Meade 505 serial cable (or a home made one).

Version 1.4.3 is probably the last version I'll do unless someone steps up and take over some of the developement for Autostar II (and others) support as I no longer have a Meade mount.

This last version has an extra option to erase the EEPROM. This ensure that you have a clean Autostar and that you're good to do a firmware update. You'll have to fully reconfigure the Autostar after doing this.


AutoStarX version 1.4.3 (universal binary)(100 KB zip file)

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